Breakup Buddy

Faced with the task of creating a branded kit containing at least five items, I began creating a breakup survival kit as an opportunity to solve a currently unmet need. Breakup Buddy contains eleven elements designed to function as a cohesive set while bearing unique narratives explaining their role in your recovery. Every detail was designed for the user experience, from the way a person interacts with the box to the voodoo doll filled with red sand so that it bleeds if you stab it enough.
As someone who has experienced more than her fair share of awful breakups over the years, I was sensitive to how miserable the process is. Realizing that the last thing many people want to do when coping with a breakup is to actively seek relief, I targeted Breakup Buddy toward the friends of a sufferer. This allows the kit to be completed by someone who knows the specifics—letting them fill the flask with the sufferer’s favorite alcohol, print out the least flattering photo of their exes so that their friend won’t have to face sorting through a series of photographs to fully interact with the kit.
Creating Breakup Buddy was one of the most enjoyable projects I’ve ever been involved with. I began to realize that it would be possible to create a whole system of kits helping people to deal with interpersonal relationships. I began to imagine a series of kits co-branded as The Buddy Kit System. I would next create a kit designed to help people through the most awkward portion of any budding relationship: the first date.