First Date Buddy

I enjoyed making Breakup Buddy so much that when presented with the opportunity to pursue a dream project, I decided to create another survival kit. This time it would facilitate the most awkward of social situations—the first date. Knowing I wanted the kit to relate to Breakup Buddy, I focused on creating individual dialogues for all the kit’s contents. With a sassy voice and a focus on consumer experience, First Date Buddy provides humorous solutions for most first-date problems.
First dates, unlike breakups, are shiny, hopeful things. Sure, half the time they’re miserable, but they lack the starkness of a breakup. This distinction is reflected in the cheerful color palette of First Date Buddy. Designed to facilitate quick exits from miserable dates and extensions of the great ones, First Date Buddy comes equipped with everything from a burner phone (for your graceful exit from a miserable date via “call from the hospital”) to emergency undies for the morning after.
The kit’s two-part design allows for consumer ease in finding the tools they need for a given situation. Coded green to signal “keep going,” the good date kit provides the consumer with everything they need to safely continue their date. It’s counterpart, coded red for “stop” or “danger,” gives the user two ways to get out of a bad situation. All elements advise the user on the best way to use them, making the overall kitextremely user-friendly.