During my internship at Monigle, I was recruited to work on an internal Halloween party poster campaign with a few of the senior designers. I had not originally been slated for the project, but had some extra time in my schedule and was asking for a new project. My design mentor TJ Thurman had been one of the designers originally selected to work on the project, and he asked me to spend some time sketching ideas for a Halloween poster. How could we get the most people to dress in costume the day before Halloween, Friday October 30th?

I knew I wanted to present humorous options instead of frightening ones, and toyed with two separate concepts. The first Halloween theme featured ghoulish groaners: puns that would be easy to illustrate and that might get people excited for the holiday. The second and ultimately selected concept featured a frightened person hiding from creepy noises, which were revealed to be a smiling crowd of partying monsters, with the caption “Don’t be a Halloweenie, dress to impress!”

After the initial artwork had been approved by Senior Creative Director Mike Herburger, TJ and I spoke with senior strategy team members Lydia Govinden and Gunnar Jacobs about creating supporting graphics and takeaways. We ended up creating two supporting posters for a staggered reveal designed to pique curiosity and cultivate interest in the party, as well as a set of stickers to give to people who dressed up to put on those who hadn’t as one of the “ways to make you participate.” (See disclaimer at bottom of primary poster.) The day arrived, and the company-wide meeting revealed that nearly 2/3 of the staff had dressed up for Halloween. A few people had taken the “No Halloweenies” signs and attached them to their shirts as costumes, and one coworker had actually designed a 3D version of the Monigle “M-Bat” from the bottom right corner of the poster as his costume. It was clear that the poster campaign had been a success, and I was over the moon.