mockup courtesy of Graphic Burger
mockup courtesy of Graphic Burger
Presented with the opportunity to create an app related to travel, I began to imagine an app that would allow a user to travel through time rather than space. While it’s currently impossible to achieve time travel, technology that creates an augmented reality actually exists. I envisioned an app that would use a combination of geotagging and image recognition to present the user with a vision of another time in the hand-held device of their choosing. Environmental markers would alert users to the presence of programmed content and act as a trigger allowing access to it.

When considering the practical applications of virtual time travel, it became clear that it would be necessary to feature both the past and future. I first imagined educational content featuring historical sites brought to life through animated scenes of the past happening before the user’s eyes. Next, I began to think about the possibilities for showing the future of a site. Visions of “Coming Soon” signs flashed through my mind, and I realized that someone usually knows the future of a given site. If they could make their vision available for the public, it could easily build excitement around a project. I imagined architects’ models of new construction, floor plans of new housing, menus for new restaurants, and more—all available at the tips of the fingers. The practical applications seemed manifold, and I began to construct the interface. Knowing that a social media presence can make or break an app, I designed the app to allow easy sharing across platforms while permitting the user to access all content without sharing a thing. A prototype showing the basic interface can be viewed here.